Egret Update

Watch for Egrets!

Yellow-crowned Night Herons will return to the neighborhood soon!!!

The Tanglewood Neighborhood Association reminds you that when these “sentry” birds arrive, it’s time to begin watching for their
noisy, messy egret friends who could arrive soon.
Night herons tend to build one nest in a tree. Egrets often build hundreds of nests in multiple trees. It’s a
big stinky mess!
• Check your trees TWICE a day—morning and early evening.
• Watch for the birds carrying sticks into your trees and leaving to gather more.
• Remove the start of any nests: hitting tennis balls straight up into your tree is effective.
• Use noisemakers, bang pots & pans or spray water from a hose to encourage birds to move on.
Birds can build nests in just two days! Once birds begin sitting on a nest continuously, eggs are probably
present and you must not disturb the nest. It’s a federal offense.